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My name is Raffaele Mennuni called " " and I was born in Turin.

Since childhood I have always had a passion for drawing and painting. As soon as adult I started to turn my passion to draw in tattooing myself but after a while I decided to travel around Europe asking for information in all tattoo shop I found. Years ago there weren’t many tattoo shop and the way has been very hard.

For some years I worked as apprentice in Ireland, France and Spain so what I learned as a tattoo artist is given by the commitment and experience gained over many years. After having traveled so much, in 2005 I opened my own studio in Turin, my hometown.

In 2010, for sentimental reasons I moved permanently in Veneto precisely to Adria in the province of Rovigo, a few kilometers from the sea and Venice.

I perform different tattoo styles but I prefer Traditional style with sharp lines, black and marked coloration, flat without shades.

In our shop you will find several designs collected in catalogs and magazines but clearly I make personalized designs starting from of the customer ideas. I also set up a department for selling fancy goods, piercings and clothing designed by myself and my co-worker with the possibility of shop on-line.

I attended a course in Rome of dermatology and hygiene earning a regular certificate. Our tattoo shop respects health & hygienic care as required by Italian law, we use only disposable sterile needles, non-toxic & certificated colors.

My maxim is "..until there’s skin there’s hope!!”